At Traduzioni Media we have over 10 years’ experience providing interpretation services.

Our international team of interpreters and project managers are dedicated to helping your message reach a wider audience.


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The most common circumstances


Conference Interpreting

Our interpreters work at local and international conferences to facilitate communication between international speakers and audiences. This type of interpretation can be between just two languages, in which case the interpreter will usually sit with the speaker/s and interpret to and from the entire audience, or it can involve multiple languages.
In the later case we normally use headphones to facilitate communication. We can advise you on obtaining and setting up audio equipment to enable effective interpretation at multi-lingual conferences.

Liaison Interpreting

Our interpreters are experienced at working with smaller groups and in one to one situations sometimes called ‘liaison interpreting’. We can provide experienced interpreters to provide liaison interpreting in any situation.
The most common liaison interpretation requests we receive are for accompaniment of delegations and small groups, facilitating business meetings, assisting exhibitors at trade fairs and congresses and interpretation in medical and legal situations.


The techniques used


Simultaneous Interpreting

The interpreter instantly reproduces the speaker’s message to the audience. In many cases, the interpreter sits in a soundproof booth with an unobstructed view of the speaker, wearing a headset to be able to hear clearly.
The advantage of this type of interpreting is that it maintains the flow of the communication and also saves time.

Consecutive Interpreting

The speaker stops periodically to allow the interpreter to interpret what they have just said. This type of interpreting does not usually require special equipment, even for large audiences, and can be particularly useful in small group situations where a single interpreter is facilitating a conversation between a few individuals.

Chuchotage (whispered) Interpreting

The term chucotage means whispered in French. This is a form of simultaneous interpreting used for small group situations where the interpreter can simultaneously whisper the interpretation to one or a few listeners.
The advantage of this form of interpretation is that it does not require any special equipment and is therefore a cost-effective solution for small groups.