Our Clients


We are experts in the field of legal translation and handle every type of documentation for various law and accountancy firms in the City of London. We have specialists in contract law, corporate law, financial law, intellectual property, financial statements and other accounting documents.


For more than ten years we have been working with large investment banks offering translations for their offices in London, New York and Hong Kong.

We provide translations involving trading, mergers and acquisitions, privatization, capital, investment and asset management, prospectuses and marketing materials.


We work with manufacturers and exporters who wish to publicise their products abroad.
We are experts in all areas, with translations of technical documents related to the automotive, iron and steel, chemicals, textiles, food and agricultural industries.

We are engaged daily in translations of operating manuals and packaging for the retail market.
We have translated internal security procedures for major industries.


We have been working for more than five years with various scientific journals, medical and pharmaceutical houses, medical equipment manufacturers and universities. We have team members dedicated to the translation of leaflets for medicines.


We have been working for more than ten years with various oil, gas and mineral companies.
The majority of these translations relate to contracts, mining projects, soil and environmental studies, operating manuals and safety procedures.
We are leaders in Latin America with a dedicated team based in Colombia.


Some of our best linguists are dedicated to the translation of documents aimed at a wide retail audience such as brochures, presentations, packaging and advertising material.

These projects involve localisation and adaptation to the local market.
Our translations are present on many supermarket shelves in Europe and United States.


We offer translations of websites and online shops, along with localisation of games, softwares and applications.
We have partnered with the best SEO and website agencies, providing them with ongoing support for multilingual translations of their websites.
We are able to offer translations for businesses that need an internet presence for the following industries: marketing, import-export, tourism, information technology, manufacturing, legal, scientific, medical, financial, banking and insurance.


Our clients are airlines, tour operators, and hospitality facilities such as hotels, hostels, guesthouses, conference centres and resorts.
We translate guides, brochures, marketing material, and websites for online reservations.