Dutch as a first language is the fifty-sixth most spoken in the world.

It is an official language of the Netherlands, Belgium, Suriname and is also spoken by minority communities in other countries. A total of approximately 28 million people speak Dutch, of whom 23 million are native speakers.

Dutch is closely related to both English and German.
The variant used in Dutch-speaking Belgium – Flemish - takes its name from and, is used in, the Flanders region and by a minority of the inhabitants of the Brussels-capital region. The Afrikaans language, spoken in South Africa and Namibia, is noteworthy because it developed independently of modern Dutch and therefore comes directly from the Dutch spoken in the 17th century.

Traduzioni Media is available to provide translations and interpretations from English to Dutch and from Dutch to English, or in other language combinations. Our team includes native-speaking Dutch translators and interpreters accredited by the major international professional associations.



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